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J-002 Chaos's appearance

More and more I feel like going back to an older version of Dark Chaos. Not as far back to when he was a normal demon, still when he was Fox/Dragon... or maybe even as far back as a fox with dragon parts. As I said to ~teeny16 the green on Chaos was out of need. Here I'll explain;

For those that don't know Chaos/Keios is part of a species I created called Onem (not very original I know, derived from the Japanese word Oni. The whole name was kind of a joke at how Dark Chaos was once just a demon to be honest). The Onem are NOT part dragon, they are infact part Komodo (Dragon ¬_¬ ). Now every so often there is a 'mutant' (for lack of a better word right now). The current one being my main character. He has a more dragon based appearance. While the Onem were still being created Dark Chaos was Red and Grey (as he was before Red and Black, but I had to go with grey to have him as a fox).

As the Onem came along I gave them the green apperance for their scales to reflect their Komodo heratage (if they are a cross breed has not been stated, I'll probably have it they evolved that way, somehow).

But originalys the green parts of his wings where black while working with sprites. But I changed that to dark green over time to make spriting easier (the choices were dark green or dark blue). I made it green for ease of spriting and I'm sure many spriters can agree on the nature of using pure black on something other than an outline with small sprites can be a bad idea.

Dark Chaos has two forms
Neo-Chaos where his fur is red and his scales are blue. For a better idea of his phisical changes think of Fleetways Super Sonic (personality is a little like this because his emotions are less inhibitated. He is not as destructive).
Meta-Chaos, now this is the one that is meant to reflect Chaos's true apperance more. It also is meant to bridge the gap between his current self and new incarnation. The horns on his head are much larger with a second pair going up and back over the head slightly along with the current ones going around the side. His fur is a mid-night blue and his scales are crimson/burgandy (I hate my spelling, I am sure that is wrong). He also has several other changes which are listed in his bio (check my gallery under the 'txt' section).

These forms though, none of them are strong than the other. Neo is more emotionaly unbalanced (or emotionaly free to think, feel and act as he wants) while Meta is fully in control (cold, dark, malevolent and likes to manipulate events over a long time). So it's not like they are over powered Super Forms, their phisical and power boosts do come at a cost. While one may be stronger with Chaos abilities, it looses some of it's Photon abilities.

I'm kind of at a loss on what to do with the normal form. Change the green back to red? Make the green even darker and closer to black so it feels more like what I had originaly intended.
I know for 'TEAM DARK MATTER' I want the Meta-Chaos to represent me there as I feel that version would be more suited than Normal Dark Chaos.

Also one big change over the years. Dark Chaos was always my name on everything, Chaos for short. Now I've decided that "DARK" is the title for rouge Onem that have been banished. Which fits well for another character I had that also bore the name Dark Cosmos.

Blah this was just done since I'm anoyed with how I've got my own character. I made his design more dragon like because after a few years I wasn't really happy with a fox with a pair of dragon wings slapped onto his back. ^_^;

J-001 First Journal

Well I've decided to join up, not much to say about myself really but I shall try to endevour to do so regardless. I am normaly called Dark Chaos (typicaly with a hyphen between the two words), I have been for many years and it is now anoying that the name is being taken by many other people now on other sites. Sometimes I have substituted the 'Ch' for a 'K' but I hate it and regret ever doing it. The title of Kaotic Kitsune is relatively new so I couldn't of used that in the past.

I am an amature digital artist. I can not freely draw, only creat line art from a sketch and/or colour (including shading). You can find links to my DA and FA accounts on my profile here. I will normaly accept working on most pictures for someone, however I refuse to work on anything pornographic. Infact I would refuse to work on anything with nudity in most cases unless it's very mild (like nothing showing). I am in a way a retired sprite artist and sprite comic auther. I still work on one collab comic (Halo Online), however it is rare I'll make a page and normaly work on coming up with little things to improve the comic's additional pages. I do have my own custom sprite sheet, but I want it completely replaced with something I could even use in an animation if I desired.

I'm generaly quite accepting of anything and do not care about being right all the time. Prove me wrong and I'm just as happy as being right. Why? Because it means I've learned soemthing. Is that not a reason to be alright? I'm normal described as "the good guy" (or in other words "the push over"), I do everything to help my friends and tend to have people come to me with their problems on occasions, where I am more than willing to help them or be an open ear so they've can at least hear what they already know outloud, which can make a differance.

I'm always willing to answer almost any question with two types of responces. Those being the truth... or a statement saying I do not wish to answer it. Just do not asume something if I say I do not wish to answer it. Finally, sorry for any poor spelling here.

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